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Cleveland Dry Cleaners Pat's Cleaners Helps Keep Earth Clean

Cleveland Dry Cleaners Pat's Cleaners Helps Keep Earth Clean

Cleveland Dry Cleaners Clean Green

It’s not easy to be a green dry cleaner in today’s world.  The easy and inexpensive way to dry clean is to just use the same chemicals and processes that dry cleaners have already used for generations.  The problem with that is it harms the environment.  With environmental damage being one of the big issues at the forefront of human society, Pat’s Cleaners decided long ago to not contribute to the wasting away of our environment.

How has Pat’s Cleaners in Cleveland gone green?

Pat’s Cleveland Dry Cleaners has been around since the 60’s.  In it’s long history it has used traditional dry cleaning practices AND has also changed those practices to become a green dry cleaner.  Pat’s Cleaners now no longer uses anything that will harm the environment.  Neither the solutions nor the processes used contain chemicals that will not be good for the future of our earth.  To learn more about what Pat’s Cleaners is using please visit our “A green solution” page and watch the video.

Being green isn’t the easiest thing to do.  It’s expensive, it takes time, and a great deal of attention to detail.  But it’s worth it.

100% Eco-Friendly

We’re proud to announce that as a Cleveland Dry Cleaner, we are 100% GREEN!  Neither our processes, nor our cleaning agents will harm the environment! 

Owner Operated Since 1964!

Being Owner-Operated allows us to offer our professional dry cleaning services – in Cleveland, Ohio – at rates that won’t break the bank!

Your Hometown Cleaners

Having been established in Ohio in 1964, We’ve been around for a long time – and we don’t intend to go anywhere!  We are proud to say that Ohio is our home!

Green Dry Cleaning Service

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We are open 7 days a week – Only our Avon location is open on Sundays

We have a convenient drive-thru

Complimentary drop-off bags provided for your convenience